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The smartest industry in Sweden

The smartest industry in Sweden
Garantell has won the first prize in the prestigious Swedish competition, Smart Industry 2019. The award recognizes our efforts to simplify everyday life by digitization and automation of the whole process – from the customer’s request, to the production, and all the way until the products leave our factory. 
Our method represents a new way of thinking in the business. Johan Carlstedt, project leader for Smart Industry at IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science) says: “The entrepreneurs are the engines that drive development towards the business community of the future. To lift Sweden, we need to reward those who drive change. Garantell has built up one of Sweden’s absolutely finest and most profitable factories by taking advantage of the possibilities of digitization”. Garantell’s CEO Mikael Axelssons explains that it all started with a seemingly crazy idea, which has now come true: “The customers design their own mesh project on our website, we produce exactly according to the drawings, and deliver. The whole process is fully automatized in order to simplify the everyday both for our customers and ourselves. We are very proud to now also have won the Smart Industry Award.” The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science arranges the national competition in cooperation with Siemens and Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) with funding from the government agency Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth).
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