Would you like to experience which innovative applications in the field of warehousing and material handling are currently on the market? Then visit the Logistica Scalas, where various exhibitors collaborate to present practice-oriented demos. Under the guidance of an expert, there will be interactive tours of the Scalas, providing visitors more information about the demos. Of course, you can also visit the Scala by yourself, as the demos take place throughout the day - without interruption.

3 Scalas 2019

Hall 1 – Scala Smart Warehousing
The exhibitors TGW, Knapp, Schäfer, Human Workspace and A-safe are offering a number of integrated system solutions based on the ‘goods to man’ principle. Special attention is paid to smart workplaces, effective order picking routes, combinations of manual order picking and robotic order picking. If you want to work smarter and reap the rewards, you should definitely come and take a look in this Scala.

Hall 3 & 4 – Scala Material Handling & Intern Transport
The Scala Material Handling & Internal Transport can be found in the passageway between Hall 3 and Hall 4. This Scala offers a very extensive demo of the various goods flows in a warehouse. In Hall 3, A-safe, Carton Mover, Ambaflex, EVC, Hovuma, Vebabox, Storax, Tawi and Ravas focus on case and tray picking. The various steps in the process of entry, storage and removal are discussed, with solutions that can be used alongside and in combination with each other. The demo in Hall 4 is focused on item picking. The exhibitors here, A-safe, Kardex, Human Workspace, Optimus Sorters, RoboMotive, Bito, Fromm, Cyklop, Inther and Logitrade, are showcasing a large number of methods for order picking and the processing, picking and shipping of orders. Efficient order picking and processing is becoming essential for an increasing number of companies.

Hall 3/West Entrance – Scala AGV
Those arriving via the West Entrance will immediately see that AGVs play an important role in internal transport. From small to huge, from industrial applications for production logistics to order picking support. Thanks to the exhibitors Movigo, Bito, Wewo and Indurfloor, various applications in this field are showcased. This gives you a clear picture of the AGVs that are best suited to your logistics process.

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