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Logistica + ICT & Logistiek + Logistiekprofs.nl

What does the changing market require from logistic-technological solutions? And how can technology in turn further boost the market? Technology and the market challenge each other constantly. Ultimately, this will lead to the warehouse which no longer requires humans, with the shortest possible delivery times.

Technology comes from unexpected corners. Knowledge from all over the world. Suppliers from the US, China, but also from Germany and the Netherlands.

Technology, implementation and impact on logistics are given a podium at Jaarbeurs all year round. Live at Logistica and ICT & Logistiek, and 24/7 via the online platform LogistiekProfs.

The trends to look out for

The market has demands, and the logistics sector produces solutions. What trends, translated into specific products, are presented at our trade show Logistica?

Robotisation, the Internet of Things, big data, sensor technology and the cloud. These are the drivers behind new technology.

In the coming years, the logistics market will be dominated by the following trends: 1) Growing e-commerce; 2) Bigger, automated distribution centres; 3) Economies of scale in goods transport; 4) Green logistics and 5) More competition and increasing pricing pressure.

What makes Logistica 2017 extra important

1. Unique combination of online and face-to-face. 

2. Frequent opportunities for contact in a short period of time  

3. Relevant leads for your sales funnel

4. Generating momentum by combining knowledge, solutions and applications

5. Claim knowledge leadership in the field of Move, Store, Pick & Deliver

6. ROI measurable from A to Z



The question is not whether the target audience will visit Logistica 2017, but on what day. The intent to visit is high for all functional areas, as shown in a recent industry survey by Jaarbeurs. Trade shows, as the survey shows, are still vital sources of information.

Visitors are particularly looking for a wide range of innovations, sample projects and market leaders. The survey names trade fairs as a main source of information, and shows that the role of online sources in the orientation process is becoming more important, with online in second place.

Your visitors

Participants with a targeted marketing campaign generate the highest revenues and are more than satisfied about their participation after the trade show. But who should these exhibitors try to reach out to? Jaarbeurs has researched this by function group.

The average age in the CEO, management and general management segment is 50+, they are active within the full spectrum of domestic economic activity, and they are extra interested in forklift and warehouse trucks, warehouse management, warehousing and DCs, and road transport.

They are 85 percent sure they will visit the trade show in 2017. They are interested in the market leaders which are exhibiting, look forward to the product demos and plan to attend knowledge sessions. 

Results previous edition

Logistica 2015 attracted a total of 19,167 visitors and was characterised by the positive atmosphere among visitors and exhibitors. 

Want to know more? factsheet 2015  Read the factsheet 2015 for more results.

scores the range of products and
services at Logistica with an 8 or higher

is planning to visit
the next edition

Beursimpressie Logistica 2012
Beursimpressie Logistica 2012
Beursimpressie Logistica 2012
Beursimpressie Logistica 2012


We make it easy for our participants. The first priority is that participation at Logistica should be profitable for you. We prefer to keep it compact. We advise a functional stand with a high degree of hospitality. This is a great option, as we offer you many additional possibilities to showcase yourself from network sessions to seminars.

We charge a standard rate for stand rental. Members of Stichting Logistica are eligible for an extra discount. Want to hear our advice for you? Call Nils Cramer on +31 6 2399 6120.

Exhibiton programme

At Logistica, you can find companies offering the following products and/or services:

  • Mobile internal transport
  • Lifting and crane systems
  • Storage systems
  • Carriers
  • Continuous transport/integrated systems
  • Order picking systems